Hello! I’m Jeremy. I’m your friendly neighborhood designer..


An inherent creator and brand advocate, I help bring stories and messages to life in the digital and print space by artistically crafting solutions to represent my employer and clients in engaging ways. Thoughtfully driven to design, my natural ability and learned approaches to create, by hand or using software programs, allow me to offer strategic insight on innovative endeavors that aesthetically achieve the goals of projects, including large-scale integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. A born communicator, I believe an open dialogue is paramount in the creative process and strive to incorporate illustrations, pictures and designs that reflect the desired theme and tone of the communication modality.

I graduated from Francis Marion University with a degree in Visual Communications and have had experience wearing many hats ever since (mostly because they serve as an accessory to my bald head).  I have been a website manager, fast food employee, retail worker, the manager and house designer of a coffee shop/art gallery in the heart of south Charlotte, and now work full time with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte as a graphic designer.

When I’m not at my day job you can find me working on my freelance and side projects, playing Pokemon, or more likely catching up with friends at a local brewery. 

Jeremy Rivers photo




I'm a firm believer in building a Rolodex of relationships, not business cards. My goal is to treat your project as my own and invest in you and your success as much as mine so that we may grow together.


What you see is what you get with me. I am an honest, open-minded individual with a wide lens focused on the world, aiming to be as inclusive and involved as I can.


I'm a learner who loves diving into new waters and soaking up as many fresh ideas as possible. I aim to breathe new life into weathered approaches and design with a fresh perspective.


I aim to work with you, not simply for you. This is a team effort. I am here to solve your problem the best way I know how and hope to learn a thing or two from you during the process.


I aim to keep project timelines within reasonable deadlines and manage our time accordingly. Each project will have projected start, concept, and completion dates with your deadline in mind.


Your experience with me is one that I hope will leave you feeling good about the work we create together. I never want you to leave feeling discouraged or misunderstood.


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