An inherent creator and brand advocate, I help bring stories and messages to life in the digital and print space by artistically crafting solutions to represent my employer and clients in engaging ways. Thoughtfully driven to design, my natural ability and learned approaches to create, by hand or using software programs, allow me to offer strategic insight on innovative endeavors that aesthetically achieve the goals of projects, including large-scale integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. A born communicator, I believe an open dialogue is paramount in the creative process and strive to incorporate illustrations, pictures and designs that reflect the desired theme and tone of the communication modality.


Witchy Items

I really love magical, syfy, fantasy, folklore genres or themes and sketching out what I would deem essential on a journey. The best part about all things in those categories is they’re all made up, so perfection isn’t necessary, just imagination! This creation was one of my October creations during the first full moon of the month. Spooky!

Harman Law

This was an ad I created for Michael Harman’s law firm, featuring his adorable triplets, and fantastic wife Jen, one of my coworkers from the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. We created this graphic for their church bulletin’s ad section, but could easily represent a digital display, or web ad. 

Bad To The Bone

“Jeremy took my vague idea and turned it into a logo that I, and my company, can truly be proud of. He sent me updates along the entire process and worked well within his time limit. I will definitely be coming to Jeremy with more projects in the future and would recommend him to anyone.”

Doug Keeling | Bad to the Bone Pet Care

FABO coffee*art*bar

“Jeremy always puts his best foot forward when taking on a new project or role. He is a diligent and hardworking person, who is comfortable working independently or as a team player, with the drive to achieve anything he puts his mind to. I would highly recommend working with Jeremy for your future design or illustration needs!”

Cricket Burget | FABO coffee*art*bar

South Mecklenburg Cross Country/Track

“Jeremy is passionate about his work and finds a way to instill that same fire in you. He makes creating works a breeze and has a knack for taking your rough vision of what you want and turning into the perfect rendering you were looking for.”

Ben Miller | South Mecklenburg High School Cross Country/Track & Field Coach

Boyd's Fine Furnishings

“Jeremy helped me by first creating a logo for Boyd’s, my High-End Vintage and Current Home Furnishings business, and the second time was rebranding the logo as my business grew. He is efficient and made the process easy to manage.”

Martin Ross | Boyd’s Fine Furnishings

Red Monkey Creatives

“Riverbend Branding is absolutely amazing!  Jeremy is an excellent communicator and guided me through the design concepts every step of the way.  I am amazed at how quickly he produces quality deliverables that are of a kind!  We have already completed several projects together and I would definitely recommend RBB to all.”

Heather Kegereiss | Red Monkey Creatives


The Queen City

I was born and raised in South Carolina, but now call Charlotte, NC my home. She’s quite the hub for banking and craft beers.

Expert Notetaker

I love making lists and getting organized. I’m pretty particularly about color coordinating my notes. My favorite part is checking them off.

Caffeine King

Typical millennial. Always drinking coffee, never sleeping. Just kidding. The only thing I love more than a good dark roast or my partner is my bed.

Pokémon Master

Yes, I’m a nerd. No, I don’t just play PokémonGo. 20+ years of playing Pokémon in my spare time, and still going strong. We all have our happy places, right?


Anything from Fall Out Boy to Kacey Musgraves, Bleachers or even Taylor Swift. I indulge in a wide variety of subjectively amazing bands and musicians.


Love Instagram, hate their wack non-chronological algorithm. Facebook is how I remember friends birthdays. LinkedIn is where I keep up with professional colleagues.



I'm a firm believer in building a Rolodex of relationships, not business cards. My goal is to treat your project as my own and invest in you and your success as much as mine so that we may grow together.


What you see is what you get with me. I am an honest, open-minded individual with a wide lens focused on the world, aiming to be as inclusive and involved as I can.


I'm a learner who loves diving into new waters and soaking up as many fresh ideas as possible. I aim to breathe new life into weathered approaches and design with a fresh perspective.


I aim to work with you, not simply for you. This is a team effort. I am here to solve your problem the best way I know how and hope to learn a thing or two from you during the process.


I aim to keep project timelines within reasonable deadlines and manage our time accordingly. Each project will have projected start, concept, and completion dates with your deadline in mind.


Your experience with me is one that I hope will leave you feeling good about the work we create together. I never want you to leave feeling discouraged or misunderstood.




Me / Graphic Designer

-Books the clients

-Does all the work

-Tells the team to “chill” a lot



Fiancé / Emotional Support

-Great hugger

-Reminds me I’m great

-Tells me I’ve got this



Cat / Director of Sass

-Claws the furniture

-Barfs on the bed

-Generally a brat



Dog / Senior Barker

-Guards the house

-Keeps other team members in line

-Gets told to “chill” a lot



Perma-kitten / Communications

-Great biscuit maker

-VERY vocal, good with guests

-Cuddle queen



Guinea Pig / Office Alarm

-Excellent greeter

-Squeaky Queen

-Staring Contest Champion




Dog / Junior Barker

-Knows, like, three tricks (skills)

-Horrible at typing

-Also gets told to “chill” a lot


I may not always be looking for work, but I’m always interested to hear you out. You could just change my mind! If you’re ready to begin your next project, click the button below!